SOG Entrenching Tool F08-N Review

SOG Entrenching Tool F08-N is a folding shovel with handle made of carbon steel and it is currently best seller in camping shovels category. But, this shovel is not only for camping, you can use it for your backyard and any other situation when you think shovel will be helpful to you and to achieve your goal.

Main specifications of SOG entrenching tool

Main specifications of SOG entrenching tool are:

– easy to use,
– light weight,
– with tri fold options,
– comfy and comes with a case.

Length of this shovel is around eighteen inches, while weight is almost twenty five ounces. It is portable and easy to carry it around. Warranty lasts as same as lifetime, and this is one of the best features of this model. Manufacturer thinks it is very solid and it will last and serve you for a long time. This shovel is something you definitely want to try out. It is a tool that might come in handy in numerous situations and with changes in the world and technology, it offers unique and really enjoyable experience. You can fold it when you are not using it, and it doesn’t take too much space. It looks a bit futuristic, so you will not be ashamed when you carry it with you on a camping, everybody will look at your modern and cool shovel.

Buyers’ reviews

Many buyers are really satisfied with the strength of this shovel and with almost one thousand reviews, it is one of the best selling shovels on Amazon currently. More than fifty percent of reviews are five star ratings, more than twenty percent are four star ratings. There are some buyers who expected more from this product, because they think shovel is not hard enough. But, if this shovel is heavier than it is, not many people could use it. In order to be lightweight, metal couldn’t be fully thick and this is handy for smaller people with small hands. But, according to other people, shovel is better than they expected. You can see images of shovel standing to the regular size shovels to compare and to choose if this product is right for you or not. There are buyers who plan to buy several more shovels from this seller, and this means you could give it a try.

Main advantages and disadvantages of this shovel

Main advantages of this model are:

  • comfortable and handy,
  • lightweight and easily portable,
  • compact and folding.

Main disadvantages of this shovel are:

  • handle could be a bit sturdier,
  • some buyers found shovel too small, but this is plus for other people.


According to product information, shovel is made in China and it comes in black color. It is not made for any commercial use, only personal, so don’t try to use it in a factory or some place like that. Although model is released in 2010, it still finds very high ratings from its customers which means it is made and built to last. Check it out!