SharpSurvival Survival Tin Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit Review

This kit is small and tiny, but it contains several tools you really need if you plan to go to any adventurous trip soon. Kit contains exactly ten items inside, and if you think you need something else besides this, you must purchase that thing additionally. If you already have emergency kit, this will help you to make your existent kit more complete.

Main specifications of SharpSurvival emergency kit

Are you interested in what you can find in survival kit by SharpSurvival? So, let’s start – first, there is a knife for your pocket, small and handy, that can help you to cut any kind of obstacle during your hiking. Also, if nights are too cold, blanket is here to protect you and to make you warm. Compass is one of the most important things when you are in nature, although you can find out where you are currently with the help with stars, compass is more easier to use.

There is also fire starter if you need to start fire in just a couple of seconds, you don’t have to spend too much time doing that in old school way. This is not a kit only for hikers and campers, you can take this kit with you if you go fishing, climbing or even in all type of emergencies.

Main specifications of this kit are:

– small and handy,
– compact and extra convenient,
– easy to use,
– fits any pocket.

Buyer’s reviews

Buyers rated this product really high, for now it has more than fifty five percent of five star ratings, around twenty five percent of four star ratings, and only three percent of one star and two star ratings. Buyers agree that Sharp Survival kit has great potential with only couple of drawbacks, such as – it can easily be broken because it’s tiny. Customers state that this survival kit is good for any kind of unplanned activities, if you find yourself in a location in woods you are not familiar with, or if you want to cover yourself with a blanket if suddently gets cold outside, this kit is great choice. Some buyers found kit already opened, and if this happens to you too contact customer service and they will assist you or they will send you new product. Customer service is really helpful and understandable.

Main advantages and disadvantages of this kit

Main advantages are:

– extra easy to use,
– portable in all type of pockets,
– high quality,
– great for adventurists!

Main disadvantages of this kit are:

– your pockets have to be deep,
– some buyers think it is too small.


If you don’t want to spend too much money, and we think that being safe and sound is far more important than spend couple of bucks more than your budget is, we recommend to buy this model without too much hesitations. With reasonable price and ten useful items inside, this kit is a good choice for any type of adventurist, no matter if you are camper, hiker or just survivalist.