Pagreberya Survival Shovel Kit Review

Pagreberya shovel kit is great for survivalists and it has several useful tools. Some of them are compass, cone, screwdriver, and more, and it comes with a bag and a strap. Shovel is folding which makes easier to carry it whenever you go. Bag is well made, it is durable and it has a velcro so you can be sure you will not lose any item when you go to camp, on a picnic or somewhere in woods.

Main specifications of Pagreberya shovel kit

Main specifications of Pagreberya shovel kit are:

  • shovel comes with a cover,
  • there are five items in a bag,
  • multi tools and handy products,
  • light and strong.

Shovel comes in gold color, it is made of carbon steel and aluminum that is used in aviation industry. Dimensions of this model are 2.5 inches by 7 inches by 11 inches. It is not too big and it’s not too small. Shovel is comfortable and you will not have issues while you use it, even if you are using it for the first time.

Buyers’ reviews

Buyers received this item very well and they have such nice things to say about it. Kit is strongly built, it has almost everything you need for survival pack, but if you are serious about survival kits, you probably have additional kits especially if you go camping often. But, this kit would be great for your collection. Until now, there are more than sixty reviews, and more than seventy percent of reviewers gave this model five star ratings. Around twenty percent are four star ratings and there is only less than four percent of four star ratings.

Many customers agreed that this kit is made of high quality materials, but don’t use too much force when you use it, because it is not made of titanium but carbon steel and aluminum. You can order extensions because they have reasonable price and they offer so many new things. Blade is sharp enough, but compass is not that useful, some buyers noticed it doesn’t show directions at all.  Pouch could be a bit better, and there are no additional space for tubes, but this is not something you should panic about. If you want to dig moat with a shovel, you should probably consider buyer some bigger and larger model, but for simpler tasks, this kit is great and it has very well design.

Main advantages and disadvantages of this shovel kit

Main advantages of this item are:

  • strong and durable,
  • easy to transport,
  • several useful tools,
  • folding and easy to put aside.

Main disadvantages of this item are:

  • only one customer found that shovel can bend really easily, and it didn’t do the job for him.


For all people who look for shovel and not only a shovel, but also complete kit for survival, this shovel kit is a must have. It has great ratings and buyers are satisfied with its offer and specifications. For more features and customers’ reviews, click on a button below.