Military Folding Shovel Review

Military folding shovel is made by Fobachi and it comes with a pick and a pouch for carrying around. This is not shovel only, it’s an army tool and survival tool that can be used at camping or while you hike. If you are not adventurist, you can use it in your own garden for much simpler tasks such as digging holes and rooting your favorite vegetables. If you searched for multitasking tool, this is the right one. It’s great for cut things or for hammering, there are unlimited things you can do with this shovel.

Main specifications of Military folding shovel

Main specifications of Military folding shovel are:

comfortable and sturdy,
design is ergonomic,
e-tool also available.

Handle is not hard to handle, it is surrounded with rubber and feels very nice to your hands. Dimensions of this model are 1.1 inches by 4.3 inches by 16.1 inches and it’s very light weight with less than one point five pounds of weight. Size is also compact and it fits in your car without a hassle. Many people are using it for trenches and scooping, or if you want to prepare a ground for a tent when you are at camping with your friends.

Buyers’ reviews

One of the best things about Military folding shovel is that it can be folded at ninety degrees and you can use it as a pick too. Ring is made of metal, but that will not bother you because handle is rubberized and you can’t hurt your fingers and hands. Also, it’s not too cold to use it during winter or fall. It’s unbelievable that some campers had regular sized shovel, but this shovel did job better than bigger ones. This is because it’s compact and it is build of well quality materials.

Military folding shovel is strong, but a bit small. Nevertheless, it is not made of cheap materials and it can do whatever you want. Shovel has a head that can be adjusted according to your expectations. Edge is sharp enough when shovel is delivered, so you can use it right away, there is no need for additional sharpening. It is great for making pit where you want to start fire, you can use it while you explore woods and any other surroundings where there are not much of a crowd.

Main advantages and disadvantages of this shovel

Main advantages of this shovel are:

excellent for all type of holes,
amazing tool for garden,
compact and comfy.

Main disadvantages of this model are:

some people finds shovel too small.


Military folding shovel is build to last. Just make sure to check how small or big this tool is before you order, if you are big and have large hands, you can choose some bigger folding shovel too. But if you are average type of person, this shovel will be your new best friend. Check out main product page on Amazon to see images of a shovel in action!