Leknes Outdoor Survival Kits Emergency Kits For Disaster Preparedness Review

We hope that none of disaster is going to happen soon, but you’ll never know for sure what can happen tomorrow. Leknes Outdoor Survival Kits Emergency Kits For Disaster Preparedness is here to help you any type of disaster, maybe even an apocalypse or zombie attack! Kit has eighteen totally original items and you can use them in different settings and occasions. This is a must have for all adventurists out there who like to have some fun in nature with their friends. Kit is very small and compact which makes it easy to carry around and to place in a safe place in your vehicle or in a back pocket.

Main specifications of Leknes Outdoor kit

Going to camping or trekking can be really fun, but this also leads to many new and unpredictable situations. Having an emergency kit with you in this period of time is a must, and this small kit is all you need to be prepared for any kind of surprises, and we don’t talk about good surprises. Maybe your leg is stuck? Maybe your friend needs help to start a fire? This kit will be your new best friend!

We are going to list all items in this kit so you’ll know exactly what can you expect when you order it. There is a whitle flashlight if you go to dark places. Net against mosquitos is definitely a must have for spending night in nature. Buckle and risers can be helpful when you list expect it. Besides this, there are see-saw, line for fishing and a bait, earplug and blanket, floats and compass with thermometer and couple of things more for maximum safety.

Buyers’ reviews

Dimensions of this model are 9.4 inches by 7.6 inches by 3.3 inches. You don’t need batteries to run this kit, you just need safe place where you can put it. Generally, people likes this kit, although it seems it’s a bit pricy for what it offers. Some buyers stated that they could made same kit for small amount of money if they bought items separately. But, you will get a gift if you buy this kit and this is interesting bonus. Saw is flimsy but other items are durable and useful. Delivery is quick, so you don’t have to wait too long before you go to adventure! Bag is perfect for items, it’s not too big nor too small.

Main advantages and disadvantages of this product

Main advantages of this kit are:

– light weight,
– bigger than similar models,
– not too big.

Main disadvantages of this kit are:

– package could be a bit better,
– a bit pricy for its features.


Leknes Outdoor survival kits has affordable price and it’s one of the best selling you can find. Ratings for this product are excellent which means that people are satisfied with its features. Although there are only around seventy reviews until now, we know that this number will increase over time, and it’s going to stay on top of the list.