Kungix Outdoor Emergency Survival Gear Kit with Waterproof Bag Review

Sometimes when you’re camping, you’re near water and it is useful to have a bag that is waterproof. This bag is exactly the one you need, because it contains many important things when you go hiking or camping, and it is located in a bag where it’s safe because of waterproof feature. Case is completely portable and you can carry it with you whenever you go. Inside bag, there is a knife and a flashlight with LED light, whistle is there too in case of emergency, wire saws can help you to get out of many dangerous situations, especially if you are not alone.

Main specifications of Kungix Outdoor Geat Kit

Main specifications of Kungix Outdoor Emergency Survival Gear Kit with Waterproof Bag are:

– high quality materials,
– worth every penny,
– small and compact,
– good for any type of adventure.

In case of emergency, it is good thing to have some kind of survival kit with you, and this is definitely good choice. With many cool options and affordable price, Kungix Outdoor kit is very useful. Dimensions of this product are 1.5 inches by 3.6 inches by 5.2 inches, and it has only 0.4 pounds. If you love nature, you don’t have to avoid it.

What you’ll get when you order this product? Box with plastic material made of high quality products, it is resistant to any type of falls and hits, and it’s also very practical. Saw is twenty one inches long which is more than enough for most users.

Main advantages and disadvantages of this product

Many customers really like this model, but of course every product has some flaws. While buyers think it is sturdy and stable, some of them think that bag looks a bit cheap.

Main advantages of this product are:

– good quality,
– excellent for emergency,
– great as a gift.

Main disadvantages of this product are:

– a bit cheap look,
– some tools are not included.

Although this box contains many useful tools like pliers, knife, tool card, whistle and a couple more items, you will want more tools if you want to be really safe. Stuff like small set of spoons and forks are missing and fire starter kit is not included, but if you already have these, it is not too much of a trouble. Waterproof bag is one of the best things about this kit, especially if you are camping near water or any area where there is moisture and wetness. For really affordable price, this great kit is something every camper needs.


It is safe to say Kungix Outdoor gear kit is really useful in lots of different situations, no matter if you are camping, if you are hiking, or any other type of outdoor adventure. With so many useful features, this is a must have for any adventurist out there who still hasn’t decided what survival kit to purchase before he or she goes hiking or camping.