Holtzman’s Gorilla Egg Review

Holtzman’s Gorilla Egg is amazing 550 paracord grenade emergency kit and if you want, let this to be your new pack for survival, because it is improved with snap hook and it contains eighteen important tools. There are several different colors you can choose from, but we think black and red combination looks perfect. If you don’t agree, there are black only, black with orange strip, light orange and combination with black color, red orange, mixture of green and yellow, and light and dark green with black. It is all up to you which combination to choose.

Main features of Holtzman’s Gorilla Egg

Main specifications and details about Gorilla egg are:

  • it has paracord,
  • with razor blade,
  • easy to use.

This small product can save your life. It contains whistle, carabiner, two hooks for fishing, two swivels for fishing, flint if you want to start fire, foil for cooking or making some signals and many many more! If you are interested in becoming a master of survival, you will receive ebooks from which you can learn how to survive in the jungle and you will also get recipes and video series of training.

Pack is very durable and it is made of long lasting materials. If you are not satisfied, you can return product and seller will give your money back completely risk free without any questions. Pack is portable, of course, and this is the meaning of this and similar products – to provide help when you are away from home. Gorilla egg is very practical and handy, and it can be beneficial in every situation. With this product, you and your family and friends will be safer than ever before. There are special offers and situations where you can save between four and twenty percent of full price, some restrictions may be applied for this, so check main product page for more information about this promotion.


Main advantages and disadvantages

Main advantages  of Gorilla egg are:

  • handy and very useful,
  • enough tools for every occasion,
  • lightweight.

Main cons and disadvantages are:

  • compass is not included. This is only one disadvantage, but if you already have a compass, you can carry it with you separately.

Because this pack contains several different tools that requires some skills and knowledge, buyer must be at least eighteen years old. You must take all responsibility if you want to buy one of this, this is not a game and someone might get hurt if you don’t operate tools the right way. Dimensions of this package is 1.1 inches by 2.6 inches x 6.8 inches, it only weighs zero point fifteen pounds during shipping.


Many people find themselves in a situation that they don’t expect to at least once in a lifetime. Don’t let this happen to you, always be prepared with survival pack with many interesting and useful tools. With Holtzman’s Gorilla Egg, your troubles will be far away, you can go on a camping trip or hiking with your friends without any worries.