Folding Shovels Buying Guide

Folding shovels have been in existence for quite a long time dating its history from the ancient warfare. They have been improved over the years to deliver an adequate performance in the modern times. They are made of longer lasting properties with the ability to overcome rust. Most of the folding shovels handle medium work and often break when used on heavy tasks. There are important factors that you should consider when buying the best folding shovels.

Folding shovels can be different by sharp edges, measure and handle length. Despite the fact that there are lot of types of shovels, you need to determine what is principle intention for shoveling. Only after that, you need to decide what shovel to buy. So, there are a lot of shovels that can do the job properly. Having various shovels with different shape of cutting edges is useful, but this can be way over your budget. Therefore, it is the best to pick one shovel that can do various types of work.

Attributes of the best folding shovels


The best folding shovels should be lighter to allow for easier movement during camping activities. The light, folding shovels are active in functions such as hiking to a particular spot where camping will take place. You wouldn’t want to carry something heavy on your back as it becomes tiresome over a long distance.


The best E-tools are made of strong materials that can last for an extended period. The materials used should not allow for oxidation which often leads to rust. The shovel should be durable to sustain the different moderate tasks at hand.

Parts of the shovel

The cutting edge of the shovel characterizes its proposed goal. Edge is as often as possible made of strong materials, such as iron or steel that joins with a handle. Other different materials utilized by makers who make shovels incorporate hard plastic, and materials like iron and aluminum. Handles might be made from wood, for example, but it can be also noticed it’s made of fiberglass sometimes. Sometimes, combination of two materials are use and this makes folding shovel more sturdy and stronger.

If you want to pick wooden handle rather than aluminum, you need to know that wood stays in great condition over the winter and it won’t chip and dent at all, especially if you not use it amid spring. Handle support turns out to be especially essential in regions where temperatures vary a lot during the year. If you need shovel for gardening, you should know that smaller shovel is better one, but if you need for something else, one of the multipurpose instruments utilized as a part of the garden is the round point shovel.

Top 3 Best Folding Shovels

The Ames True Temper E-Tool

This shovel is one of a kind that can perform various tasks at hand. It has a sharpened axe on one side and a serrated end, on the contrary, making it suitable for a variety of functions. It has a compact tri-fold appearance with a durable solid steel blade. It weighs 2.9 pounds and has a coated with a black powder finish. It is available on Amazon. You can read full review in Review category.

The Schrade SCHSH1

The Schrade shovel delivers the best performance characterized by its unique features. It has a polypropylene handle which offers a perfect grip. It is durable, deriving it demonstrability from the aluminum inner tube. It weighs 2.4 lbs and has sharpened spade edges. It is easily portable and can be carried over a long distance. It is very cheap and it might come in handy any time. You can read full review in Review category.

The Doing Outdoor Multi-Function

It is one of the best shovels that makes work easier and improves your experience in the jungle. It comes with a variety of other features besides the shovel. These include a whistle, screwdriver, a small saw and a rod fire starter made of magnesium. It is very sturdy during the digging process and durable. It has really affordable price on Amazon and can be purchased using the online forms of payment.


The best folding shovels are essential especially for carrying out different tasks in the wild. It can also be used for camping and delivers the best performance. They are made of a durable material which prevents chances of breakage. They handle common tasks and therefore should not be used as heavy duty tools. Combining the best folding shovels with camping axes will offer a greater experience. It makes life in the camps easier and allows accomplishing several tasks. While going for the best folding shovels or camping axes, always check the material used in manufacturing them as they determine their durability.

Folding shovels are also known as e-Tools, go back long before time, as far back as ancient men needed something to dig around. People from the past used shovels for gardening and for finding food and other important things. Until the world wars happened, these things were extremely essential and simple. Today, shovels are very versatile and are made in light of longevity and to strength. Shovels might be very useful tool, and many people use it for survival too. Survival shovels are a bit different than regular ones, and main difference is that survival shovel is sharper and you can carry it with you whenever you go. In case you are looking to purchasing a survival or any other folding shovel, you should consider following these tips from above. You can use it if you want to go hiking or camping. There are many models that have wooden or aluminum handles. Regardless of the purpose, you need to locate a model that has features according to your needs. Stainless steel is material used for making shovels and we recommend to buy a shovel made of stainless steel. Navigate through our reviews of top rated and best selling shovels and pick the one that suits you the most.