First Aid/Survival kits Buying Guide

In 21th century, there are lot of unexpected situations and they are happening every day. No matter if you lock yourself in a house or if you are going to camping or any other type of adventure in the woods, hills or somewhere where there is no people, survival kit is something you should consider buying, and don’t never ever go some unfamiliar place alone. Accidents and bad things happen, but if you have emergency kit with you, you will be a bit safer than a person without a kit.

Buying process of survival kit is not difficult to understand, but you must be aware of some information about it. First, you must ask yourself are you beginner in this process, or you already have some basic or maybe expert knowledge about this. Talk to your friends or other people who already know how to buy survival kit and what should you look for before a purchase.

Type of survival kits

There are not many types of survival kits, but you need to learn about them just in case. Types of kits can be classified into two main groups – home and outdoor survival kits.

Home survival kit

Home survival kit is a tool that you should, as its name says, keep in a safe place in your house or an appartment. This kit is very useful if you find yourself in some kind of natural disaster situation. No matter if there is an earthquake or any kind of flood going on, you should always keep yourself and your family in a safe place with emergency kit near you. This kit usually contains flashlight, food in a can, containers with water, batteries in case you need power for some item, and blankets and extra clothes if you think there is going to be really cold.

Car survival kit

Main type of outdoor survival kits are car survival kits. Of course, you can keep this kit in a truck or any other type of vehicles, and this type is mostly used while you are on the trip with your family or friends. Along with things from home survival kit, car survival kit usually contains knife, shoes and first aid kit for all type of accidents. Everything can happen while you are far away from your home, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Office survival kit

Office is a place that most people spend most of their time during weekdays. We are aware than accidents can happen at work too, because there are so many risky situations that are buildings exposed to. Fires are most common in large buildings, but in this modern world, terrorism is also one big threat to all of us. Because of this, office survival kit can contain stuff that will try to keep you safe at work – water, radio, canned food, gloves and masks, and many many more. Talk with your job provider if you have any additional questions about safety situations and how you should protect yourself even better.

Top 5 Survival and Emergency Kits

SharpSurvival Survival Tin Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit

Sharp Survival kit has almost everything you need if you like to go with your friends on camping. It’s tiny and compact and it contains compass, blanket, kit for starting fire and whole lot more. If you want to find out more about this product, read full review. There are some downsides of this model too, you cannot find a product that is perfect, but with affordable price and nice features, this kit is good deal.

Leknes Outdoor Survival Kit

Leknes survival kit is made for outdoor type of emergencies and because of that, there are stuff that will help you to survive in the woods, steeps and or other unprotected areas. Some of items and tools you can find in this kit are net against mosquito bites, flashlight if you lost and it’s getting dark outside and many more. Read full review here.

Kungix Outdoor Emergency Survival Gear Kit

Not all survival and emergency kits comes with a bag but this one is, and it is not an ordinary bag, it is waterproof bag, and this means you can even swim with this bag on your shoulder, kit will not be destroyed. Of course, we recommend to avoid too risky situations if you are not an expert in survival, but this kit can serve you well no matter you are.

Holtzman’s Gorilla Egg

No, this egg will not help you if gorillas attack you, but if you ever see group of gorillas, you should know that you are in very dangerous situation for sure. Gorilla egg survival kit only looks like egg of a gorilla, and it contains stuff that can be put in a back pocket. We wrote a review about it, and you can check it out here – Holtzman’s Gorilla egg review.

Emergency Kit/Survival Kit/First Aid Kits Tools,Freehawk

Last, but not the least – Freehawk survival kit is one of the top rated and we can recommend you to purchase it no matter if you are beginner or an expert. If you want to read more about, visit this page.


Surviving any type of risky or emergency situation depends generally upon how your mental state is at that exact moment, you must be ready both physically and mentally to get out of risky situation as soon as you can. But, we all know that real life is not a movie – we can freeze or block ourself to do anything, because we will be in shock. If there is a fire in a wood, you should run or get out of risky area, but if you are alone, don’t wait any longer, try and get some help.

Every person in the world must have survival kit for different type of situations. in light of the fact that you never know what can happen especially if you go camping or hiking with your friends in a place where you haven’t been before.

Ideally, the best thing is to have several emergency and survival kits, and if you miss a tool from one kit, maybe you will find it in other kit. At an absolute minimum, tool must have something to help you to eat, drink enough fluids and to get yourself warm if risky situation happens in winter.