Camping Axe Buying Guide

Axes have been useful in performing a variety of tasks such as cutting, trimming and sometimes digging. However, all these axes are usually different in their features and designs. There are those with long or short handles, all of them used for various purposes. Camping axes have been necessary for fulfilling the entire experience in the camp because of their several uses. You can cut wood for the campfire, shelter and many other structures that make your group comfortable while in the camp. However, it is essential to determine the appropriate camping axe that will not only allow you to cut wood but provide your safety. We will review the kind of axes that are essential for you, but there are important factors you need to consider when selecting the best axe.

No matter if you are on camping or in your backyard, you can always find yourself in a situation where you need to cut come woods. Axes are one of the best tools to do that. You need to find right equipment if you want to do things right, so before you buy your first axe, you need to examine what type of axes are available on the market, what type you need and what is the best axe according to your needs.

Attributes of a good camping axe

Secure grip of the handle

It is always advisable to use the gloves while handling any axe. The best camping axe should provide a firm grip despite using wet hands while cutting or performing other chores. The gripping power is critical in ensuring both your safety and the members of the group. It reduces chances of accidents such as the axe slipping out of your hand during the process.

Ease of sharpening

It is usual for axe blade to go blunt with several encounters of a rock or hardwood. A dull blade makes it difficult to perform the cutting as it requires excess energy which wears you out during the process. A real camping axe should provide simplicity of sharpening and for a short period. You will not have the whole day to cut wood as you need to enjoy other activities in the camp.

How safe is your axe

Your priority should lie on the care provided by the axe. It refers to what maintains the handle and the blade intact despite using excess force to cut through a plank of wood. Your camping axe blade should also be free from rust with a non-stainless steel. The kind of timber handle will determine its longevity in maintaining the contact with the axe head. Others are known to shrink over time which loosens the contact with the axe head.

Sheath guards

The best camping axe should be equipped with durable sheaths that prevent the sharpness of the blade from causing injuries. These provide ease of movements and safety of the group as they can be carried on a webbing belt or inside the watercraft.

Intensity of vibration

The vibration of the axe can be uncomfortable especially while cutting through a log or reasonable pieces of wood. It occurs when the camping axe cannot transfer the cutting power efficiently to the surface due to the materials used or its construction. It is important that the camping axe should provide ease of cutting without streaming vibrations through your hands.

Manufacturer of the product

The effectiveness and quality of the camping axe can also be determined by the reputation of the manufacturer. There are always people who have had the best experiences with an individual camping axe from a reputable manufacturer. It won’t be appropriate to hear the word of mouth but checking the positive reviews and the features that match what the best camping axe is all about. There are various brands of camping axes on the market, and if you have some friends who already bought camping axe before, best way is to seek advice from your friends. But, if you don’t have anyone to help you, read online reviews from other customers and this is good wait to start searching for camping axe that is most suitable for you.


Many of us love to go to camping with our best friends or even with a family. But, movies are not wrong – there are so many things that can go wrong when you are on camping. Although probably you will not be attacked by bear or group of criminals, axe will definitely be your best friend if you need to chop or cut some wooden materials. Before you find camping axe that you’ll think it will do the job, you should think twice do you really need an axe or a hatchet. Perfect solution is to have both of them, but most of us probably don’t use both axe and hatchet. In case you need tool for chopping woods and cutting smaller things, axe will probably do the job very well. Although good in cutting wood, axes are great if you need to defend yourself or your family from animals. Axes are very long, and if you don’t feel safe using an axe, you should consider getting a tomahawk or a hatchet. When it comes to portability, hatchets are definitely the best choice. But, if you like to work something around your house, axe will do the job because it is longer and you can keep it in your shed or a garage. Axes are available in so many different shapes and in different sizes and it is very difficult for someone who doesn’t know too many things about axes to choose the right one fast and without exploring. We will collect best selling and top rated camping axes and your only job is to select one of them, at least for start. Once you become master of camping and when you learn new things about camping axes, you can get yourself set of camping axes and tools that will make your camping trip a lot easier and whole experience will be unforgettable.