BANG TI Military Shovel Review

BANG TI is super strong military shovel that can be folded like never before. It has around thirty reviews so far but we will get back to these reviews later. If you order today you will get special discount and free shipping, so don’t wait any longer. Shovel is currently in stock, but if you see a notice that it is currently unavailable, just enter your email and you will receive a notice when will be available again.

Main specifications of BANG TI shovel

Main specifications of BANG TI military shovel are:

available in golden color,
several designes to choose from,
great for sport and camping fans.

Shovel is really well crafted and although this brand is not highly recognizable, we think this model will be one of the best selling and best rated in the future. Shovel is made of high quality materials, and you can use it several different occasions – if you need a tool or a knife, if you need something to cut wires or to break a window to escape from a fire, whatever you imagine – this shovel is here for you, at your assistance. Dimensions of BANG TI shovel are 2.9 inches by 6.9 inches by 10.3 inches and if we compare this product with similar shovels, we can say that it is a bit bigger than other models from this price range. If you don’t want big shovel, you can choose other product from our list.

Buyers’ reviews

According to buyers, we can conclude that this model will be next best thing on the market when it comes to shovels. Many people used them as a whistle, to open bottles, as an extension bar and many many more. Handle is made of aluminum, it is not super hard, but definitely hard enough to get some work done. It’s weight is 3.1 pounds and it is made of carbon steel. Seller is very helpful so if you have any type of question, just contact him and he will resolve any issue.

Main advantages and disadvantages of this model

Main advantages of this model are:

so many tools available for the price of one,
solid and strong,
durable and sturdy,
comes in a bag.

Main disadvantages of this product are:

– some buyers didn’t receive instructions, if you are not sure do you need instructions or not, check with the seller.


BANG TI is super strong shovel with so many cool options. There are fifteen regular tools and, for just in case, extension of more than thirty tools overall. We hope you will not use some of this never in your life, but better be safe than sorry. Shovel can be expended and with affordable price, it is currently one of the best for the money. People use this shovel for so many outdoor things they want to finish – from camping to hiking, from backpacking to exploring new areas where no one ever stepped. If you can recognize this tool as a must have, we recommend you to try it without hesitation.